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Search engine optimization organic process


Useful of organic search engine:

Today i will discuss about how to first page of google by organic search engine optimization.This post will be helpful for beginner’s also.Now this is time of technology and most of the company of the world use website to spread there services globally  or to increase their product sale.Are you thinking how is it possible to increase sell online.It is simple today world.About 55% people of the present world are using social networking site and they also visit definite site for acquiring knowledge.In order to increase sell of any product 90% company use Search engine optimization process to rank their site on the first page of google so that they can get huge visitor for their site which will originate more customer from those particular visitor.I am writing some seo tips shortly for the beginner who wants to know about google seo .Here google factor because it is the most used engine.Not only for beginner i will write  for advanced level seo professional.To be a professional seo worker you have to learn the basic first and then have to learn advance technique.After all a to stay a professional seo worker you have to stay updated new technique.

What is search engine optimization:

Search engine optimization means optimizing all the search engine providing rules and condition of every engine.Every search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN.Of them Google is the best and yahoo bing is in the next place of search.

Kinds of search engine optimization:   There are mainly two kinds of search engine optimization :

1.Organic SEO  2.Paid SEO

#Organic search engine optimization: Organic search engine means optimizing search engine  without  paying money to the authors.It is done by terms and conditions of google.If anyone is unable to fulfill those rule he will be must penalized by google with different update like Google panda, Penguin, Pigeon etc.

#Paid search engine optimization : Paid  system is getting ranking on Search engine by paying  money to the authors.You have to pay per month or year for this services.But i am overtaking this step as it is not my discussion subject.


Kinds of  Organic search engine optimization:      There are two kinds of organic search engine optimization below:

  1.  On page search engine optimization .
  1. Off page search engine optimization.
  1. On page search engine optimization:     On page search engine optimization means doing some optimization into the back end of any website .On page is called the foundation of Off page.Because if anyone do not make on page seo he will not be able  to be on the first page  of search engine like google.There are some factor given below is known as on page seo.

#Keyword research : Selecting most searched and low competition keyword is called the keyword research.

#Selecting seo friendly Domain : This seo tips is for the new comer of the web world who wants to get better domain authority on search .Domain authority plays very important role in being first place of google .It is the first step on the way of being successful in organic seo.

#Meta tag adding: The most useful step of on page is it.Meta tag means meta title, meta description, Meta keyword.Here to customize or make meta tag anyone have to learn HTML 5.

#H1-H6 tag optimization:

Here h1-h6 tag means header tag in HTML5. After learning you will find these tag there.But slightly i am describing here below:

H1: header 1: Display letter in large size which is organic seo favorable.

H1: header 1: Display letter in large size which is organic seo favorable.

H2: header 2: Display letter few larger than h1 which is organic seo favorable.

H3: header 3: Display line or letter smaller than  h2 which is organic seo favorable.

H4: header 4: Display line or letter smaller than  h3 which is organic seo favorable

H5: header 5: Display line or letter smaller than  h4 which is organic seo favorable

H6: header 6: Display line or letter smaller than  h5 which is organic seo favorable



#Content optimization:

Optimizing content according to google rules and condition is content optimization.There has many rules to optimize content .If any one follow these rule will find organic search traffic and organic seo for his site.

#Indexing/ how to index site in search engine: First after launching website and publishing content we have to index it on google for finding out by anyone when anyone will search.

Webmaster tools using: After indexing we have to submit xml file with webmaster tools to submit all the pages structure to he search engine for getting idea from your site to google.

  1. Off page search engine optimization:

Off page optimization means optimizing site outside the back end by which any site find huge traffic from different high page rank related site.Off page optimization includes this topics below:

#Social bookmarking

#Article submission

#Guest posting

#Backlink making

#Directory submission.

#Profile backlink

#Forum posting

#RSS submission

#Link wheel

#Classifieds add

#video sharing

#Photo sharing

#Web 2.0 link buliding


All the discussed matter up is the seo main factor .Also have some technique which is practical is not possible to discuss in article .I think this article will help the seo learner.

# search engine optimization in outsourcing or freelancing:


Now a days most of our new generation is in search good job but not finding any job as their qualification have.For  this problem they are now involving with freelancing which is free occupation.So we should learn to earn and live with proud should make the best use of our ability which means doing freelancing.To know more about outsourcing or freelancing you can visit below link: